Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Australia's Next Top Model - Episode 3

Australia's Next Top Model just does not have the pizazz of the US version. The cast of Tyra, Ms J, and Jay Manuel are funny, sassy and have a strong on camera presence.

However the "talent" in our version does not have anywhere near the charisma. Jodhi Meares just blends into the background especially in the judgement day scenes. As does Johnathan Pease on photo shoots he gives very little constructive criticism.

Charlotte Dawson does come out with some good one liners. Is there tension between Charlotte and Jodhi about who is queen bee? Both in personality and who can show the most cleavage. Have both had breast implants?

The model's don't excite me much either there are no real personalities in the house. Where are the Jade's and Dani's or even a Heather. Is it because most of them are so young about 18 whereas the US one has older models on it?

Eleven girls remain and there was much excitement when Ian Thorpe arrived on a boat with Jodhi mail. It was a fitness challenge.

Emma personal trainer looked like a Gladiator reject. There was boxing and swimming (was this to get the gratuitous bikini shots) The water was only waist height so there was not much swimming but water jogging.

Weedy Alamela impressed with her muscle strength. I want to like Alamela but she slightly irritates me.

Jodhi told Caris that she had to work on her exercise and her diet. Caris broke down about being criticised all the time about her skin and body, "because she is trying so hard". Jodhi then became all sympathetic - "are you feeling a bit unvalidated darling" whereas Tyra would have just said well you want to be a model that is how people are going to judge you so get over it.

To be fair Jodhi did say it is a job about physicality.

Time for the girls to go shopping. First there was an incident in shoe store where Delzelma bought a $275 pair of shoes (where does she get that money from as a 16 year old?) however Alyce wanted a pair as well and Delmelza said she felt pressured to pay half of Alyce's shoes as well. It was unclear whether Alyce was going to pay her back, however we found it later Alyce was planning on paying her back.

Then when it was shopping show and tell at the end of the day, Delmelza wanted to show her shoes first and Alyce stepped in. I can see why Delmelza was upset. Alyce appears to be extremely egocentric, and a tad manipulating. She spoke to her boyfriend and told him to ring her mother to put money in her account. Why couldn't she call her herself.

Next there was a challenge where the models have to face their biggest fear. It wasn't a photo shoot, but the girls had to pose in a room in front of media/PR types.

Johnathan Pease style director was there, for someone with that title he has surprisingly lacks style.

Leiden first has to face her phobia Edward Scissorhand she just freaked out, and was hyperventilating. It only ended up being scissors hanging from the ceiling.

Bec posing with birds her phobia. Bec also cracked up. It was freaking parrot for christ sake.

Emma had to do public speaking. She did really badly. The crowd looked pretty underwhelmed.

Belinda wrapped up the evening she sounded stilted as well. Alex's was stick insects. Alamela was going to have pose with a clown.

The challenge prize is tickets to the 2008 David Jones collection on that night. The winners were Rebecca and Caris. It was a great prize they got to go on the red carpet with Charlotte Dawson. Also they got to meet Colette Dinnigan, Kirrily Johnson, and Melissa Hoyer. They also got to meet Megan Gale who gave them some model advice.

They then walked the David Jones runway.

Jodhi mail - time for the photo shoot which involved wearing a harness and hanging off a building.

Johnathan Pease style Director wearing a daggy t shirt. It was shoe shoot, Mary Kyri.

Alyce did really well. Alyce refused to give Delmelza any tips (memo don't lend money to Alyce again).

All Johnathan ever says is well done and never gives any constructive criticism. He even said it to Rebecca then to one of the camera he goes "She's not really selling the shoes for me." Well tell her that.

Judgement time -
Elimination challenge pose with the pole with two feet off the ground. Belinda posed sticking her tongue out not a great look.

Alex got the thumbs up for posing on the pole without looking like a slut. Leiden also did well.

Alamela, Alyce had great photos. Leiden's was good as well.

Alex Perry said "Jamie photographs old."

Caris was called first to her surprise.

Then it was Leiden and Emma in the bottom 2, now how did Leiden get in their considering they were all gushing over her photo. Jodhi had said it was her favourite.

Jodhi told Emma's her lack of self confidence was holding her back. Leiden told her to get passion to get some fast. Just an aside why does Jodhi carry that cheap clipboard, can't they find something more stylish to give her?

It was obvious Emma was going to be eliminated. Again all the girls were in tears. Emma said she thought Delmeza was the one who wanted it the most.

And now there were ten.

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