Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Winner of Big Brother ....Corey Worthington

Corey Worthington is set to enter the Big Brother house on Sunday and he is the only one in the house at this point who is getting paid. Rumour has it he will get paid $20,000 for the first episode and $10,000 for any further episodes.

He is much younger then the BB contestants as they still have not been told what first prize will be this year.

Hopefully the show will portray Corey as the twat he is and will end his post party media career. Obviously Max Markson, his manger, is milking Corey for all he can as he must know that his 15 minutes of fame must be ending soon.

It appears Terri, who was evicted after less then 12 hours in the house will be back in the house as well. It was a pretty unfair ballot as it was not secret. Which meant the people at the end of the line were able to flip their votes as they knew what the numbers were to ensure they remained safe.

It appears BB is manipulating the house more overtly this season eg deciding what meals they get to can mindf**k inmates with bad meals eg a bowl of seaweed, so can effect their moods, with the consequence of it effecting their interactions with their house mates. Also the banishment of a inmate to the backyard. Even thought Nobbi is a nob it makes it a very uneven playing field. Then again I would prefer to sleeping by myself in the Kombi then in the big bed with everyone else.

One person who was impressing me in the house was tiny Rima she was coming across as very savvy in her dealings with people. However unfortunately it has been reported she broke her leg on Friday night doing one the games. Full story here. No news whether she will enter the house again.

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