Monday, May 19, 2008

Project Runway - Episode 8 - Season 4

Why does Project Runway work so well? Is it the witty, bright and talented contestants, that you laugh with and hope they do well? Is it the interesting challenges, the debonair and sardonic Tim Gunn? Or the judges who are all able to give out good one liners.

Project Runway is like a great cocktail, all the right ingredients mixed right for a good hit.

This weeks challenge was related to the model’s hair. They had to create an avant garde look that goes with an outlandish hair style. The designer is able to be as creative as you want. Chris, the costume designer was very excited as this was way up his alley.

Tim Gunn comes in to add the details to the challenge. The look does not have to be practical or wearable, however they would have to work in teams of two which were determined by a draw.

The teams were:
Kit and Ricky
Sweet P and Rami
Chris and Christian
Victorya and Gillian

Budget $300, and they must pick which model’s hair is going to inspire the collection. A team leader must be chosen and they had two days to complete.

Christian was team leader, as was Kit, Rami and Jillian. There was not a lot of enthusiasm to be the team leaders know that previously their neck’s have been on the line.

Rami is frustrated with Sweet P making the pants, and tensions were starting to arise, which persist throughout the two days. Rami does not manage well and just got pissy and hence upsetting Sweet P, as well as making her tense.

Tim Gunn came in a sprung a surprise - There will be another look walking down the runway tomorrow. Each person must now must have a ready to wear look that is inspired by the avant garde. $50 to spend and they get another extra 1 hour.

Rami and Sweet P were really starting to fracture, resulting in tears and “my arse in on the line,” “No my arse is on the line.” Tit for tat.

Jillian and Victorya were again having time problems and Jillian realised that as Victorya had immunity from last week, that if they were at the bottom she was automatically eliminated. Jillian and Victorya had not even started the second dress by the end of the second day.

Tim Gunn comes in with 6 hours to go - Nathaniel Hawkins the head of the Tresemme salon and announced the winning team looks and models will be featured in a Tresemme ad for Elle magazine.

Kit and Ricky’s dress looked like Little Bo Pee, and the little dress they did as their ready to wear look was like a something you would see in a downmarket chain store.

The judges were Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Alberta Ferretti, and the indomitable Heidi Klum.
Rami and Sweet P’s avant guard looked mis matched with a Grecian looking dress over tailored pants in completely different colours.

It was no surprise Rami and Sweet P, and Ricky and Kit had the lowest scores.

Christian and Chris, and Jillian and Victorya had the highest scores.

Christian and Chris dress was this over the top ruffled dress, and the ready to wear look was much more conservative. Personally I thought it was too different.
The judges were blown away by the dress but mixed about the ready to wear.
MK said “Beautifully crafted,” but the ready to wear was “shirt great but skirt a bit of a throwaway.”

All the designer’s loved Jillian and Victorya’s. It was jodhpur type pants, a intricate shirt, and an amazing black coat with tartan lining. Also considering Jillian had quickly sewn the ready to wear dress which was black with bits of tartan, I thought both looks were sensational.
Michael Kors said he could see women really wanting to wear these designs, and I concur.
Rami and Sweet P were always going to be in trouble.

Alberta Ferreti made Sweet P feel validated by saying she “Loved Sweet P dress”.
Michael Kors also thought Sweet P dress more avant guard then the supposeded avant garde designed.

Kit and Ricky designs quite rightly got hammered it was something out of a fairy tale. Neither was wearable nor well made.
Alberta Ferretti said “It was a little Scarlett O’Hara in a cheap way”
Heidi Klum said “ Doesn’t look well made.”
All the judges agreed “Everything looked amateur.”

Christian and Chris team won and Christian gained immunity as he was team leader.

It was down to Rami and Kit, and Kit was eliminated.

Why is Ricky like the cat with nine lives and still around? Everything he has done has been crap. He does not even have a personality to engage you. Better designers have been eliminated but him and tears and cheap badly made clothes continue to limp through week after week.

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