Thursday, May 29, 2008

Project Runway Australia Updates

Kelly Rowland to Be a Guest on Project Runway.

Project Runway Australia have scored some international credibility with Kelly Rowlands, former Destiny Child's singer, to have a guest spot on the program.

She will be asking the designers to design an outfit for her, I assume that means she will be on the judging panel for this episode.

Now if we can only get Tim Gunn out here...

Link to story here.

The Claws were out between Jayson Brundson and Peter Morrissey on set on Project Runway.

Jayson Brundson who used to work for Peter Morrissey as his creative director had beaten Peter Morrissey to the permanent judging spot (the equivalent of Michael Kors) on Project Runway Australia.

However Peter was given a guest spot position and apparently it was very cool on set between the two of them.

I suspect it was Morrissey seething with jealousy at Jayson Brundson's success since leaving him. Jayson has turned into one of Australia's most prominent designers with international success with dressing Princess Mary, and gaining a coveted window position in New York's Henri Bendel's.

Also he was on an episode of popular reality tv series Runway to LA which starred Charlotte Dawson and Jordan Loukas.

It must be hard for Peter to see his protege out do him in all facets of his career.

Link to article here.

For the Project Runway obsessives only....

Filming of Project Runway was in Melbournes' Rathdownne Fabric and Remnants earlier this week. Blogger Pins and Thimbles was there, and said they were filming the third episode. Apparently to be seen in July.

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