Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Kids A Star - Episode 4

I know I am a glutton for punishment I am still watching this show even now it is in the complete dead zone of 12.00pm Saturday's. Even being edited to 30 minute episodes has not helped to improve it.

In fact the shorter episode meant there were more shots of the sponsor Dunlop Volleys then any of the kids.

There is no way you can make a connection with any of the "characters" as you never get more then one line from them each episode. The parents get more airtime then the kids.

It is ironic that the most undeluded and non pushy parent (Maro) is with the most talented kid (Tom). He won both challenges in the episode. First was an interview sequence where Channel 9 got to cross promote the Today show with Richard Wilkins making a special guest appearance. The kids then had to interview a random parent in front of the ever increasingly irrelevant judges Max Markson, and Marni Costello.

The second challenge was to learn a routine to 'audition' for a sneaker commercial. Christina had her daughter TJ in tears. You just get the feeling that Christina sees TJ as her ticket out of nowheresville.

Tom again won the challenge with a good routine and a good outfit, a suit with a singlet underneath it.

Two teams were punted off this week. The team from the Gold Coast, the 16 year old tap dancer and his mother, and Elaine and Abbey.


Anonymous said...

Could someone please tell me who won in the finale of My Kids A Star Australia? Noone seems to know?

Reality Raver said...

I cannot believe it I forgot to tape the last episode. Hopefully it will be in the Sunday papers. Or someone reading this blog will take pity on us and tell us.

Reality Raver said...

TJ won....

Christina's child I think she was about 9 years old. I was wanting Tom to win.

Rita Kocass said...

I think My Kid's A Star' is the best Australian comedy since Kath & Kim; absolutely laugh out loud hilarious! How do they do it? I thought this show was brilliantly funny, it rates up there with 'Spinal Tap'.