Monday, May 5, 2008

Project Runway - Episode 6 - Season 4

Tim Gunn is my new favourite reality TV star, is laconic sense of humour just makes me smile.

Though I don’t know if I would like him landing on my doorstep pre-dawn as he was on the designers to take them on a field trip for this weeks challenge.

They ended up in Times Square the Hershey’s store “The Sweeetest place in New York”

The challenge was to use items from Hershey’s to create the look of their choice. There was no budget and they had 5 minutes to grab what they could get their hands on, and then 13 hours to complete the designs.

Christian only going to use the inside of Reeses Peanut Buttercups, which at first I thought that was the brown peanut butter bit inside the chocolate, however it was the wrappers they came in.

Jillian was making a bold move by using twizzlers (red looking liquorice) for her outfit.

Chris had the complete opposite strategy as he said “I have a lot of experience in knowing not to use food to make things with, whenever possible.”

Just before they started Tim reminded them it had to be wearable.

Elisa’s dress was an interpretation of Gretel, Ricky thought it was more Barney Rubble.

Elisa told us about the accident she had in London just as she was going to launch a t- shirt label. She got hit by a Porsche and was in coma for 5 days and a few months to recover, hence that great career opportunity was lost.

Christian finished his first, he does not appear very popular with the other cast mates, Kevin was particularly scathing.

As the night wore on the choc buzz was wearing off and the room became serious and stressed.

Jillian was having time issues, not helped just prior to her the finish time her twizzles were falling off the skirt.

Sweet P was also fighting the time as she had had a brain explosion and after completing one dress, started on another.

It was time for the show.

The judges are Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, and Heidi Klum.

There were some great designs. Ricky’s was a lot of fun in a bubble skirt way, and it was the first episode he did not break down in tears that in itself is a minor miracle.

Sweet Pea’s model looks anorexic. There were bones everywhere.

I thought Jillian’s looked quite fun in the end.

The six designers told to stay on the catwalk were Elisa, Chris, Rami, Jillian, Sweet P and Victorya.

I think the judges got it right this week.

Rami creation was made mainly out of paper and it was fun as well as clever.
Zac liked it “Complicated construction overall it worked.”
Michael said “ It could have turned out silly looking, it’s made really well,..its great.”

Elisa goal was to make a beautiful, amazing dress.
Michael was not impressed it “looks like a brown velvet dress with a silver shower cap on her arm.”
Zac wasn‘t feeling it either “It didn’t work for me.”

Jillian twizzle bodice and skirt ended up turning out real well, not sure how long it would last.
Zac said “I like your look a lot“.
Nina said “Sexy and playful”
Michael said “Deliciously chic.”

Victorya’s dress looked a bit of mess with all the ruffles.
Michael said “Doesn’t look wearable”
Victorya does not take criticism well and started talking back.

Chris was congratulated that he did not do something over the top which is his want.
Michael “Made well, nice and understated, smart move.”

Sweet P’s did not please anyone and it was a bit bland.
Heidi said “A little bit on the boring side.”Michael said “No sense of smile and boring.
Winner is Rami and deservedly so. It was a fun and funky dress and beautifully made.

The bottom two were Elissa, and Sweet P.

Heidi summed it up saying “Elisa we were disappointed we expected you to create something playful and creative, instead we got a sad brown dress.”

“Sweet P it is clear you threw a look together at last minute.”

Elissa was eliminated, however she kept a positive attitude the experience and the positive effect it has had on her and her designing.

Next week prom dresses.

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