Monday, May 19, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Big Brother Evictee Rebecca Morgan Bags Out The Communal Bed.
Rebecca who voted herself out of BB yesterday clearly didn't want anyone spooning her in the house, as she intensely disliked the communal bed. She said the lack of personal space really got to her.

However she did say that the handling of Travis's shingles has been done well.

Full article here.

Big Brother new format is also struggling for ratings, with last weeks budget out rating it. Well that is probably a positive thing. With Corey Worthington having now left the house, the producers will probably try and get some liquor into the house to try and liven it up.

In A Shock Move Guy Sebastian and new wife Julie decide to party the night away on the wedding day.

Guy Sebastian, who was once Australia's most famous virgin, apparently partied the night away rather then doing what most people expected by consummating the marriage. I suspect they realised that they have the rest of their lives to do that, and if you are going to pay good money for a party why not enjoy it.

By the way loved the wedding dress.

Link to article here.

The good news is The Chopping Block is Back.

Channel 9 have commissioned another series of the seriously underrated, entertaining show The Chopping Block. However one thing will be missing Catriona Rowntree. They are not going to have a host. Not a bad idea as she did not add anything to the program. Hopefully Matthew Moran, and the critic have re-signed. But how will the critic be able to disguise himself for series two?

Full article here.

Project Runway Australia is proving to be tiring already.

In an article here it says the first days shoot for Project Runway Australia went for 20 hours, and one contestant needed medical attention due to an intense migraine.

However good reports are coming out about the show's host Kristy Hinzes.

There looks like there is going to be one interesting contestant on Project Runway with Helen Manuell a Melbourne designer who is not afraid to give full and frank opinions. As we all know a reality tv is only as good as its talent.

For her views on Pamela Anderson and Naomi Robson click here.

Other contestants revealed are Leigh Buchanan, a designer from Eastern Pearson, Juli Grbac, and Mark Antonio will be flying the flag for Queensland. Article from the Courier Mail here.

American Idol Contestant Apparently Likes to Bite.
The Jeff Pulver Blog reveals some negatives and positives about Michael Johns who previously was known as Mike Lee. The blogger who first met the singer in 2000 thinks that his band EP was one of the best he has ever heard from an indie band. The negative Michael was pissed and bit someone really hard.

Hopefully the positives will outweigh the negatives.

Woman's Day have a nice little puff piece/interview with Michael Johns from when he was out here the other week. He talks about how is wife is his idol.

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Onadrought said...

I would like to see a New Idea article on "Guy's First Night". I am fascinated by people losing their virginity at 26, and both of them are virgins so I wonder if they read books on it or not. However, as I imagine they have done just about everything else, they probably shouldn't have too much of a problem.