Monday, May 12, 2008

Australia's Next Top Model - Alamela Being Bullied By The Dapto Dogs

Alamela the kooky Australia Next Top Model's contestant from Byron Bay nearly left the series after being bullied by the Dapto Dogs Demelza, Alyce, and Rebecca.

Apparently the bullying against her got so bad it culminated in Demelza throwing water bombs at Alamela before dumping a bucket of water on her head.

In this weeks NW Alamela said she considered leaving the series to get away from her tormentors.

"I had to think for a long time whether I'd stay or not."

"I wanted to leave, and then I realised I was there to pursue modelling, not so much for the experience."

"I just kept thinking I was going to get out [of the house] eventually. I don't know what was going on inside their minds. They tended to get bored and [bullying] was what they'd do in their spare time, like a hobby."

Alamela got through the experience with the support of the show's crew and was relieved when the trio were disciplined.

"It was really good to know that kind of thing wasn't going to be accepted and it was pointed out as being unprofessional."

"They did apologise in the end and I accept their apologies, but they're not the kind of people I'd ever be friends with."

Charlotte Dawson says she and the fellow judges were deeply upset by the antics of the three girls and verbally "tore them to shreds" during a 30 min confrontation.

"The producers don't really tell us what happens in the house, because our job is to judge them on skill and ability, and they don't want us to form opinions based on their behaviour."

"But in this case there had be an intervention. Their behaviour was getting out of control. We have a responsibility to protect this girl. it was upsetting producers, the crew."

Alyce one of the accused bully's states the situation has been blown out of proportion.

"It started as a bit of fun but it got out of hand. I hope it doesn't affect my future career, but I can't stress enough that there are two sides to the the story."

It makes you wonder where the rest of the girls in the house were when this was going on.

In the nastiest show in the programs short history which will be screened tomorrow night on
Fox 8.

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