Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gordon Ramsey - Is He The Thinking Women's Sex Symbol

After being forced fed multiple episodes of Gordon Ramsey shows by Channel 9 over the past month, I have come to the conclusion that Gordon's appeal lies in his grumpy old man sexiness not his overly potty mouth.

Over the past few years there has been a growth in the grumpy older man on TV who appear to finding sex appeal status with the women viewers. Think Australian Idol judge Dicko now has two Facebook pages that are related to his sex appeal. The Ian 'Dicko' Dickinson Appreciation Society - a site dedicated to his hotness, and the Monty Bloggers That Lust After Dicko.

Also Simon Cowell from American Idol, and Nigel Lythgoe from the US version of So You Think You Can Dance -a reader posted on a blog post how she would be open to a little light fondling from the peroxide and tanned Nigel.

Why to women find the mean guys on TV attractive? Darryl Somers does not seem to attract these type of fans.

Unfortunately for Gordon his sex appeal rating has taken a slide since I saw the extremely contrived Hell's Kitchen. He must just be taking the money as it is so set up. Last week there was some controversy when he called a table of blond women bimbos. However to me it was all a bit scripted and boring.

It was disappointing as in his other show Kitchen Nightmares he appears to be more natural, obviously there are set up moments but it is not totally obvious.

I had always wondered how they found the restaurants that would want to be humiliated on world wide TV.

TV Week reveals that apparently bookings go through the roof after the shows have been aired. In Purnima's which was formerly Dillon's in New York had the worst kitchen and basement that Gordon had ever seen. It was stomach churning. Apparently they had an unmanageable amount of customers in the weeks after they screened and apparently some of the customers have stuck.

The article also reveals some of the mysteries about how come he always knows where to go to find the vermin or what dish to order.

They film for three days prior to him coming to get the feel of the place, and they also gather information for Gordon.

The restaurants are asked not to solve the problems prior to Gordon's arrival. Allan Love of Love's Fish Restaurant in Brighton said he had wanted to get rid of the French chef and they said 'Well you really shouldn't make any changes before he arrives. They wanted him to be there."

To get the restaurants they approached 20,000 in England, Scotland, and Wales with a letter saying "Are you in trouble?Would Gordon assist your restaurant?"

If you are wondering what happened to some of the restaurants from the series here are some updates on a few.

Sebastian's in The Burbank, California with the 'concept' menu. Sebastian the owner/chef who bought everything in for his food had dreams of a chain of restaurants. He has now sold up and is now opening two new ones.

Piccolo Teatro, the scottish run vegetarian restaurant in Paris. The restaurant closed on the episode and young chef India Innes was offered work experience in one of Gordon's London restaurants now has a permanent job with him.

Finn McCools the family run Irish restaurant in Westhampton New York. The son who was the chef had psychotic eyes. His father said the business went up by 37 per cent after Gordon made his changes. Most of the fried food has gone, and shepherd's pie is still on the menu, and the family members don't fight as much.

Momma Cherri's a soul-food restaurant in Brighton, England. It went into administration and closed, however the owner Charita Jones daughter, Kataryna, has since reopened it.


Onadrought said...

RR, I can't do your poll because I don't find any of these men sexy, though if I had to choose, I guess I'd go Dicko. I am attracted to wit and he does have a cheeky smile and the accent helps.

But man boobs Cowell, and leather face Ramsay, who is 41 but looks 60 do not tickle my fanny, oops sorry, fancy.

I think the reason that these men do have a following is that worringly, women do like the bad boys, and this is what these men represent.

Reality Raver said...

Simon Cowell has knocked out the carbs and is now looking very buffed indeed.

Anonymous said...

BTW Gordon's other show "The F Word" is our family favourite. It's been on the Food network but not sure if it's running at the moment. In it, he takes a team of four (previous contestants have included housewives, ER doctors, stockbrokers etc) and they have to cook for 50 at his F Word restaurant and people decide whether they will pay or not. This is interspersed with other bits and pieces about produce and, most notably, in his recent series where he raised two pigs for slaughter in his backyard (and named them Trinny and Susannah).

I think he's at his most natural in it and the family feature heavily. Having seen all the other shows, I'd rate it well above them...

GOOOOOOOOOOO HILARY (I think the end is nigh...)

Reality Raver said...

A Gordon Ramsey show would nearly make me get the full Foxtel package.

Has MTV got Rock The Cradle on yet? I am desperate to see that show.

Agree I think the life is slowly fading into the sunset and alas not with a happy ending.