Monday, May 19, 2008

Crikey Bucket New Ltd for Taking It Easy on Australia's Next Top Model.

In today Glen Dyer was critical that News Limted ie the tabloid press were taking it easy on the bullying that has been portrayed on Australia's Next Top Model.

Please note there is a spoiler in the attached article.

A model outrage. When will the News Ltd tabloids really investigate what is going on at the Foxtel program, Australia's Next Top Model ? I know it’s a related program: News Ltd owns 25% of Foxtel, and they are loath to do any sort of real investigation of anything to do with the Murdoch family. So when last week's publicity about bullying on Australia's Next Top Model became known, the story got a small News Ltd mention. But if it had been on another network or high profile program or presenter, or in the education system, then the tabloids would have been all across the story, screaming for blood. But because it's a Foxtel program, it’s a protected species. Even Seven's Today Tonight ran a clip that highlighted the bullying. But News Ltd tabloids didn't call for anyone to be sacked or for the ringleader to be evicted. Why not!? But is there a more intriguing story? I'm told there’s an ironic twist to the program that will emerge. It involves the winner, or the person said to be the winner. The person said to be the winner of the program was involved in the bullying... Let's hope there's a change of mind and there's now a strategic eviction, in the interests of showing everyone that you can't win through bullying and harassment. Just imagine if this had occurred on Big Brother last night: it would be all over the News Ltd tabloids, which would be in full howl!

It is interesting that Crikey is taking some umbrage at this, as it is nothing new for tv stations to have sweetheart deals with magazines in the same media stable. Woman's Day and Channel 9, and New Idea and Channel 7 are two such examples. There will be not criticism of by the weeklys but just puff pieces.

News Limited have ensured maximum publicity of the show, and wrote about the Top Model three days in a row, trying to maximise the bullying coverage.

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