Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Australia Next Top Model - Episode 5

Definition of irony Jodhi Meares at the beginning of the Australia's Next Top Model episode saying that neither Fox 8 nor ANTM condones the bullying that was seen on the TV last week by the bitchkerteers to Alamela. The fast forward to end of episode and Alamela was eliminated. So who really was the winner out of the bullying episode. Three bullies still in and the victim eliminated. Hmmm.

Were they worried they would get another bout of outraged viewers ringing in. Now Alamela was never going to win, however I don't think she was the worst left. Alamela was never going to be great selling tampons (by the way loved the beaver) it was just not her look. But really was she the worse in the ad? Demelza talked through gritted teeth, Rebecca was pretty ordinary, and whoever did the make up on Caris for the ad needs to be sacked now, all I could look at were her lips.

Anyway it seems the girls have moved onto a new victim - Sam. Demelza can kiss any hope of being voted Australia's favourite model.

PS How dumb are most of them? Scary is this what late teens are like now?

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