Friday, May 16, 2008

American Idol Final - The Two Davids - Who is David and who is Goliath?

The inevitable American Idol final has occurred - the two Davids. Now which one is going to go into the final as the underdog?

I think little David Archuleta will be going into the final as the David who will have to slay the Goliath (David Cook).

David A gets to sing second after winning the toss of the coin - apparently his father Jeff Archuleta told him from the audience after he won the toss to sing second. Also EW reports that Jeff Archuleta was the only person barring the judges table that did not stand for Syesha Mercado's last song. How did this guy raised such a sweet kid - clearly the mother did it.

Am I the only person who liked Fantasia's performance - yes it was out there, but so entertaining. For once a performer with personality.

Here is a good interview with David Cook, who talks about how he auditioned for Idol, and how he made his song choices.

Also with the fall in ratings this season (but lets not forget it is still America's highest rating show) will the producers twig with the formula next year? EW here has some interesting ideas on how to improve Idol. Some ideas will be ones that have already most people would have thought about, including getting rid of the weekly ritual humiliation of the group song.

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soobee said...

I love David Cook.

Sigh. So cute. So talented. So humble. Such a cute younger brother (Andrew).

I predict he will win.