Thursday, May 29, 2008

Charlotte Dawson Allegedly In A Reality TV Sex Tape

Charlotte Dawson may have managed to combine two of my favourite things, reality tv, and sex tapes (please note dear reader, I never managed to see any sex tapes not even Paris Hilton's but I like these revelations as they always amuse me.)

It has been revealed that Charlotte Dawson judge on Australia's Next Top Model may have been in a sex tape a few years back on a New Zealand reality tv show The Player.

Charlotte who at times has mentored the model's on the show is using the much used "I cannot recall excuse."

A few years ago when Charlotte's career here tanked, this coincided with the breakdown of her marriage to Scott Miller (now on drug charges), she scuttled back to her homeland New Zealand.

This is when the sex tape supposedly occurred.

The New Zealand Herald reports:
Now based in Australia, Dawson told the Herald on Sunday she was so drunk the night the so-called sex tape was filmed that she didn't remember what happened.

"It's always been this urban myth of what happened in this apartment," she said.

"I remember being there, I remember being drunk."

Dawson, who was wearing thigh-high patent leather boots on the night in question, said she remembered being on one contestant's shoulders while pointing a knife at the camera and saying "**** you Julie Christie".

"I'm not proud of that night, I'm not proud of that time in my life. It was one out-of-control night."

Dawson denied she and the other woman had sex with the two contestants at the apartment but two sources told the Herald on Sunday that the tape did exist.

Dawson had been at Auckland's Boogie Wonderland club with a group of friends, including Nicky Watson and her ex-boyfriend Matthew Ridge and some of the male contestants. Dawson, a friend and two of the contestants went back to the City Life apartment, where multiple cameras recorded the footage.

Christie said in her email that the group would have known the cameras were there. Dawson said Christie has held the existence of the tape over her.

"I will not be bullied about something that happened four or five years ago. My career is going well and I don't want someone like Julie... trying to ruin my life. I don't deserve it so I will fight back."

Hilarious - if they can get an excerpt Charlotte could give the girls a lesson on what not to do on reality tv.... also may liven up the series a bit.

It makes the faux lesbian kiss between Leiden and one of the other girls look positively lame.

Full story here.

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