Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Australia's Next Top Model - Has Demelza been resurrected?

Has Demelza gone from being the wicked witch of the west to Glinda the Good Witch in a matter of two episodes?

Two weeks ago Demelza was the leading girl in the bitchketeers in bullying Alamela. But now Alamela has been eliminated has Demelza now being edited in a different light. Is it possible she may even win the competition. Leiden and Jamie who were punted both said they hoped would take the title.

To be fair the competition is not for Australian Best Samaritan.

One person who is going to wake up in a few years or months time and realise she blew it will be Leiden. Leiden who was abominable last night in attitude at the dance lessons (are there so few choreographers in this country that the SYTYCD ones are now on ANTM?) which culminated in a catwalk sulk at the Cargo Bar.

She deserved to be eliminated. However if she had given 100% I suspect she could have nearly taken the title.

Hello Leiden who is the hottest model at the moment? Agnes Deyn. Leiden has a similar vibe, and she did take good photos. Especially as there is no standout contestants with the ones that are left. Favourites at this point must be Caris and Demelza.

However last night was meant to be the episode of the trout pout. The media were fed the line about how disgusted they were Alex putting collagen in her lips. The judges including Charlotte "Ms Botox" Dawson and Jodhi "Real boobs" Meares said that she should not have done it as she was so young and she could not move her lips properly. Every other fashionista tsk tsk about it as well. The reality is if Alex did not have the trout pout she would not have made it into the final thirteen.

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