Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shannon Ponton - Is He About To Be The Biggest Loser?

The Biggest Loser publicists are again working overtime with news Shannan Ponton was abusive to his glamour girlfriend Jamie Wright. Just as they managed to deal with the host's Ajay Rochester's guilty plea to Centrelink charges (previous story here ) now they have this story to hose down.

Shannon and Jamie moved in together after a whirlwind romance but things went sour when she claimed he frequently called her a "pathetic bitch" and "a nobody" and that she feared at times he would become violent.

He denied this. However unlucky for him several ex-girlfriends are now backing up Jamie's claims.

Now most tabloid newspapers would be happy to have one ex to quote, but to get four is amazing. The The Sunday Telegraph here and the ex-girlfriends state that he has a history of emotional abusive behaviour. Now not all of these can be bitter and twisted.

Now what are Channel Ten going to do about these new claims? Could he be taking extra vitamins to maintain his buffed physique that have anger as a side effect?


Onadrought said...

Channel 10 need to lose Shannon and send a clear message that society does not condone domestic violence. Verbal and psychological abuse is domestic violence.

I thought Shannon was a bit sus when I saw him in Bali with another stunner when he was supposed to be going out with Jamie. Even though he said they were just friends, I don't think any woman would feel ok about their man heading to a romantic getaway with a model. That in itself could have been psychological abuse.

I am sure there are plenty of telegenic spunky personal trainers out there that channel 10 can use.

Anonymous said...

Why you shouldn't take 'roids or hang out with gym monkeys who do...