Monday, December 29, 2008

I Don't Know Why I Keep Talking Up Superstars Of Dance

The Superstars of Dance and American Idol appear to be the only two reality shows getting any news lately. Fingers crossed one of the Aussie Ladettes gets knocked up by the gardener at Eggleston Hall in England to give us a bit of new years entertainment.

Anyhow even though there is no news on whether an Australian TV station has bought the dance show which starts in the US next week the NBC publicity machine is starting to crank up.

Monsters and Critics have an indepth interview with the shows producer, Nigel Lythgoe, and the host, he who Irish dances, Michael Flatley.

The interview outlines the format of the show there will be quarter finals, semi finals, and a grand final. It will not be filmed live. I think this must be because they are professional dancers who have engagements to fulfill.

The Chinese team seem phenomenal with not only the Shaolin monks performing, but also a ballerina who pirouettes on pointe on top of her partners head.

And for those who like a bit of gossip Bonnie Lythgoe is apparently divorcing Nigel. Or maybe he is just being a gentleman to make it sound that way.


Anonymous said...

i think the superstar show will flop

Reality Raver said...

Anon you could be right, however since it is non ratings period, and all there is to watch is cricket and tennis.