Saturday, December 20, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Author Kathy Lette Using Gordan Ramsay's Philandering To Promote New Book.
Popular author Kathy Lette has been opportunistically using the reality TV chef's philandering on his wife Tania to promote her book. She has sent her book To Love Honour and Betray (Til Divorce Us Do Part).

And has said Lette said she believed Tana Ramsay was handling the crisis the wrong way.
"I don't think she should be doing that whole standing-by-my-man routine," Lette said.
"When you have made your entire fortune from perpetuating the myth of being the ultimate family man ... it's hypocrisy."

Full story in the SMH.

Kristy Hinze Furthering Her Education
In the Daily Telegraph it reveals the Project Runway host is furthering her education by sitting for the SATs, which is the equivalent of the HSC. Kristy left school early to further her modelling career. A decision that paid dividends in the long run.

She must be very good at time management, as she has a busy career, a new fiancee to tend to, and million dollar houses to examine on Sydney Harbour. Full story here.

Wes Carr To Perform on Channel Ten's New Years Eve Coverage.
But alas it will not be the Michael Jackons number. Wes says " is a party trick."
Full story The Daily.

Carly Smithson From Last Season's American Idol Talks About Life Post Idol.
The LA Times has an interesting and indepth article with Carly Smithson and what life is like once the tour and the press junkets are over.

Donald Trump The Executive Producer Of The US Version Of Ladette To Ladies.
Donald Trump appears to continue to dabble in reality TV. He is the executive producer of the US of version of Ladette To Ladies. It will be called The Girls of Hedsor Hall. To be screen in 2009. Reality Blurred has further details on this and other reality TV shows to hit the US next year.

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