Saturday, December 27, 2008

Is The Superstar Of Dance GoingTo be Shown On Australian TV?

Whilst Australian TV is now in a lull due to it being non-ratings period, it is completely different in the USA where it is business as usual.

American Idol commences on January 13 and is being fast tracked by Fox 8 to be shown here hours after it has been screened in the US. But the reality TV guru Simon Fuller with his side kick Nigel Lythgoe have a new show, Superstars of Dance is premiering next week on NBC.

My head may have been caught up with the Xmas festivities and I may have missed it, but has a an Australian TV station bought the rights of it yet? And if so are they going to fast track it.

It sounds like it is going to be great with Shaolin Monks and Irish River Dancers (And I am not just talking about the host Michael Flatley.

As Australia is one of the teams competing it would be great if we could see it as near as live as possible.

More information on Superstars of Dance is here.

Anyway if we don't get it televised here is some Shaolin Monk action from YouTube.


Anonymous said...

If the show airs on NBC in the U.S., Channel Seven should have the Australian rights. However, it's most likely that this show will not be Fast-Tracked by Seven, as there has been no local promotion for it whatsoever.

Reality Raver said...

Thanks anon. I had read earlier in the month that there were a few stations interested in the show including pay tv.

However I have read nothing since then.

It will be very annoying if we have to wait a few months to see it, and by then we will probably will know the outcome.

Anonymous said...

If you google it you will see that Channel Nine has won the bid for it!

Reality Raver said...

Thanks anon I have now posted on it. Now we just need to know when it is going to commence.