Sunday, December 28, 2008

Come on Ricki-Lee Coulter Get A More Outrageous Rider Then Chips!

Adelaide Now reports that when Ricki-Lee was in town to perform at the Playford Community Carols night she was transported in three different coloured Hummers to and from the event.
She also stipulated in her rider three bottles of sauvignon blanc, four packets of chips and soft drink. Now I find this disappointing - why didn't she demand bottles of french champagne and bottles of vodka. Or a sushi made from tuna only found in a particular part of the Pacific Ocean.
Personally I think she has been far to accommodating. Though apparently her manager is not. The article states she is quite hard-nose, but Ricki-Lee is still very nice.
Unfortunately Ricki-Lee won't be back on Australian Idol in 2009 as she will be concentrating on her music career.


Anonymous said...

Who does she think she is? I've seen her in person, and her niceness is only an act. And this is coming from someone who ONCE was a fan of hers. Get over yourself Ricki-Lee. Your 15 minutes are up.

Reality Raver said...

I suppose being one of the more high profile former Australian Idol contestants may turn your head.