Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Amazing Race - Season 13 The Final Five

Is there a romance blossoming on The Amazing Race between Starr and Dallas? It is not the first time there has been on the road flirtations, but nothing as never eventuated. As an aside are these the weirdest name for a couple yet?

They were off to Kazakhstan and what a way to showcase a country by going to a chicken factory. I don't think this will bring an increase in tourism to the country.

There was tension when the contestants were spread across three different flights, but since the chicken factory didn't open until 7.30am, everyone had plenty of time to catch up. The frat boys Dan and Andrew who had been the most unlucky with their flight just made it.

It was Roadblock and they had to search amongst the 30,000 chickens to find the one of six golden eggs.

There was also a fast forward which Nick and Starr and Sara and Terence decided to do. It involved eating sheep bum fat. Both challenges were pretty crappy.

Sara in the taxi to the fast forward said she was not sure they had made the right decision, but Terence thought this was what the race was all about to take risks to win. If they lose the fast forward there was definitely going to be fear and loathing on that team.

The golden egg challenge was easy. But Terence hit a brick wall at the sheep eating challenge as he was a vegetarian. He said he was not going to do it. Now really what did he expect they were going to get served at a restaurant? It is always some sort of stomach churning flesh.

If this is Kazakhstan cuisine no wonder it has not taken off in Sydney.

Sara gave the phrase "If looks could kill a new meaning". He did start eating it, but he was always going to fade.

Terence in the end bailed after seeing Nick and Starr had nearly finish. And a gold star to Starr who just gulped it down beating Nick easily. I know there are people on the race who don't like her but I do. She is the strongest player on this current series.

The detour was play like mad or act like fools.

The play like mad detour was to learn to play two traditional instruments then go to a park and busk until they had earned a certain amount of money. No one did this one.

Act like fools they must dress like a cow and walk through the town to find the milk store and drink a glass of milk.

The frat boys again having bad luck with a driver who did not know where he was going, so it looked like Sara and Terence would make it back into the race.

Nick and Starr made a hat trick of coming in first for the third time in a row.

Toni and Dallas went past the stall and Ken and Tina got there and drank the milk but missed the clue at the bottom of the cup. Then when they did realise they then went and returned the cow costume.

Seriously when are these teams going to learn to read their clues properly. Dan and Andrew have luckily stumbled through this whole series, but made another vital mistake when they took a cab to the pitstop, when it specifically said you had to get their by foot. Even after having to retrace their steps they managed to beat Terence and Sara to the pitstop.

Dan and Andrew should have been eliminated due to them being utter morons, however the other teams must be happy that such a strong team was eliminated tonight.

Here in an interview on Buddy TV Terence and Sarah reveal they were only seven minutes behind, as well as discussing the way they were edited on the show.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Kazakhstan should have been happy with Borat's portrayal if what we saw last night on TAR represented reality! I can't believe how utterly inept the frat boys are... I'm looking forward to seeing them complete the race in gumboots! They are so lucky to still be in the race. As for Ken and Tina, I think they misunderstood the Act Like a Fool instruction, thinking that it meant they had to completely disengage their brains for the duration of the task.

Reality Raver said...

LOL re: Ken and Tina, they could not get it together last night and they came in third. I must confess I thought I would hate this pair but for some reason I like them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought I'd hate K&T, too. Must have been their first ep where it seemed as though she was going to bring up his affair every time something went wrong, and he'd have to just take the whuppin'. She eased off, he stepped up, and I've really been enjoying them (and thinking that they are probably one of the few couples-in-crisis who've been on the show who might actually benefit from the experience!).