Thursday, December 18, 2008

Parvati The Winner Of Survivor Fans V Favourite

Parvati managed to outwit, outplay and outlast everyone to win Survivor Fans V Favourites, the best Survivor season ever.

I was glad Parvati won in the end over Amanda, as she did make more strategic moves then her. However I would have liked to have seen Cerie win.

However some issues were raised in the final episodes:

  • What was Natalie's question to Parvati how her flirting technique translated into the bedroom about? Was she saying she wanted a more then platonic relationship?

  • What colour was host Jeff Probst's hair in the reunion special it looked like they had left the black dye in far to long?

  • Why do the contestants look better when they are out on the island? Amanda looks much better au natural.

  • And Ozzie's little love speech at Tribal Council was embarrassing, but at least he did not propose at the reunion special.

Reality TV World has an indepth interview with Parvati where she talks about having found the idol on Exile Island but leaving it there, and saying she never gave a second thought to voting for Natalie over Cirie.

Channel 9 will be showing Survivor Gabon over the summer, it would be great if they would screen it at a civilised hour. Why Fans V Favourites was buried in the 10.30pm zone was stupid - this season would have drawn in old Survivor fans plus new ones.

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