Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ideas For New Reality TV Shows.

Jack Marx, a blogger for, who clearly has to much time on his hands has come with a list of ideas for new reality TV shows.

Some are very amusing I particularly like Imogen My Embarrassment! - pinup girl Imogen Bailey entraps unsuspecting gentlemen with one humiliating prank after another, Almost June Amorosi – singer Vanessa Amorosi has until the end of May to orchestrate an affair between herself and the Deputy Prime Minister; and Boy In The Plastic BublĂ© – much-troubled 80s pop star George O’Dowd spends some quiet time inside an inflatable effigy of popular jazz singer, Michael BublĂ©.

Full list here.


Anonymous said...

Vanessa Amorosi is way to cool for that crap. A Rockstar with a voice like that, and a Prime Minister?? I dont think so.

Reality Raver said...

Hey it is a Deputy Prime Minister, I thought celesbianism was in...

LOL. Yes agree Vanessa Amorosi is too cool, I am a big fan.