Monday, December 1, 2008

Gordon Ramsay Must Wish He Was A French Chef - As A Mistress Would Then Be De Rigeur.

Famous reality TV chef Gordon Ramsay must wish he had kept his apparently large appendage in his pants after mistress Sarah Symonds sold her story to english tabloid News Of The World.

After denying last week that he did have a dalliance, it has been revealed that Sarah was not his only indiscretion. The Daily Telegraph were in lather when they found a local angle that there is possibly a Sydney women involved. They hopefully put in today's paper the phone number for her to contact the paper to reveal all. If this girl wants to reveal her night with Gordon she will be selling her story.

Unlucky for the Hell's Kitchen chef the country of his birth is very wowserish about infidelity, however if he was French this puritanical frenzy would not be occurring.

The then French President when asked to comment on former John Major's British Cabinet, who at the time were resigning in droves due to sexual indiscretions said "I would be surprised if a Minister of mine did NOT have a mistress."

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