Sunday, December 14, 2008

Does Gordon Ramsay Only Like Blondes?

Julie Vidovic has been revealed as the mystery woman who allegedly shagged reality TV chef Gordon Ramsay in Sydney.

Gordon who recently got caught having an on and off mistress of seven years Sarah Symonds would appear to have a penchant for blondes. So all brunettes and redheads who would like a crack at Gordon (and these would be numerous in number) should head to a hair salon.

My theory of his blonde fetish may be confirmed next Friday night when the final episode of this series of Hell's Kitchen airs with blonde Christina going head to head with Petrozza. We will have to see who will take out the title.

Source of story and photo SMH.


Onadrought said...

The thing that is pathetic is Ramsay's wife staying with him. It wasn't just like he had one drunken one night stand, didn't he shag the professional mistress for 7 years? SEven years of betrayal!Also he is unlikely to stop. Ramsay's wife has enough money to leave. Is she just staying for the fame?

Reality Raver said...

Maybe they have an arrangement, and his wife has a lover as well.

If he lived in Europe they would not bat an eyelid that he had a mistress.

It is the kids I feel sorry for, what happens when they learn how to google.

Anonymous said...

"It is the kids I feel sorry for, what happens when they learn how to google?"

No doubt they will be even more shocked to discover the deeply serious controversy running in Australia because Ramsey *gasp* has said sausages don't cook properly on a barbie. The hide of the man! What sort of tosser doesn't like burnt snags smothered in tomato sauce?