Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mark Spano Not Getting A Record Contract With Sony BMG

In the social pages of the Sunday Telegraph today it was revealed that Mark Spano who came third in this year's Australian Idol will not be signed up by Sony BMG.

Mark Spano who had a lot of female's heart a flutter when he sang Kings of Leon's megahit Sex On Fire must not be seen as a hitmaker for the recording monolith.

However he can be consoled that he has the support act on the upcoming Chris Isaak tour. For those who missed his performance at the final here it is.

In other Mark Spano news Ricki-Lee Coulter has denied she moved to Melbourne to be near him, apparently they are just friends.

However Ricki-Lee won't be spending a lot of time in the southern city as she will be in LA working on her new album. This also means she will not be back for next season's Australian Idol. I cannot really decide whether that is a positive or negative thing.

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