Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Johnathan Pease From Australia's Next Top Model Is A Creep.

When mothers allow their daughters on reality TV modelling shows, they have to worry about eating disorders, cigarettes and booze. Do they now have to worry about sleazy men who are also on the show?
Johnathan Pease the 'shoot director' on Australia's Next Top Model really needs to start dating someone closer to his own age. Apparently he has been seen getting hot and heavy with Kristy Coulcher who was a model/contestant on this season's Australia's Next Top Model.

She is 20, he has just turned 35. This is so wrong.
Johnathan has a track record with barely out of their teen girls, with him previously dating April Rose Pengilly, and also there was a rumour he took a school girl to a social event.

He makes my skin crawl. Why is it a 16 year old who has sex with a 15 year old can get charged with carnal knowledge, but a grown man who is 14 to 15 years older is able to do whatever with no sanction?
It will be interesting to see who he targets next season or hopefully Sarah Murdoch won't put up with such shenanigans on her watch.
Source of story and photo: Daily Telegraph.

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