Friday, December 5, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Wes Carr Auditioned For Australian Idol Because His Pub Audience Was More Interested In The Football.

Here in the Courier Mail is an article where Wes Carr, the winner of Australia Idol reveals why he auditioned for Idol. Combine 20 in the audience and football on the TV and you have it.

However Defamer has a much more humorous interview with Wes, and asks the questions you really want to know like whether he is dating Ricki-Lee.

The Amazing Race Casting Director Says It Is A Relationship Game Not A Race Around The World.
In an interview on Reality Blurred Lynne Spillman the casting director of The Amazing Race said she casts on the strength of the stories of the relationship and how the race will test them.

“We want to know where they are, how their relationship is going to change on the race. You’ll see happy dating couples, but they’re usually at a crossroads of, you know, moving in together or getting engaged. You’ll see happily married couples but they’re a little bit in a slump or they’re about to retire. They always have a story where the Race is going to change something, and people don’t get that when they apply,” Spillman told me.

Also she will not cast Survivor cast members unless they have a high profile like Rob and Amber.

Luke Dickens To Perform At The Young Cherry Festival.
Australian Idol Runner Up will make it to his home town for the Cherry Festival this weekend.

The Young local paper reveals Idol Luke Dickens makes his triumphant return home, meeting fans from 10am until 11.30am at Joyce Mayne before heading to the Big W car park at 12pm to shear what everyone believes will be his last sheep.
Luke will also be performing on stage with his own backing band and available for photographs and autographs for a gold coin donation to raise money for Sydney Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House.

Blayne From Project Runway Reveals What He Is Up To.
Blayne the fluro freak from Project Runway Season Five reveals what he has been up to post Project Runway in this article in the Star Bulletin.

The Rachel Zoe Project Will Be Renewed For A Second Season.
Hooray this is fantastic news. Taylor Rachel's assistance is great reality TV as she is such a bitch.

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