Saturday, December 20, 2008

Simon Cowell - Man Boobs or Muscly Pecs?

I know this blog is being reduced to the lowest common demoninator, but here is a photo of Simon Cowell on Christmas holidays in Barbados.

Yes he apparently he is single now, but girls don't get to excited as his ex-girlfriend Sinitta is on holidays with him. She sang some dodgy song in the '80's and then was never heard of again until now.

Anyway are those man boobs, pectorals, or implants? Please discuss.

Source of photo Bauergriffin


Onadrought said...

Man boobs or maybe a combo of what you have suggested

Anonymous said...

Somebody please give me a brain scrubber to remove that image from my head. *shudder*

Anonymous said...

As hairy as a 1970s male bodyspray ad.

Wonder how a post-Christmas lunch version of Simon would go with the hairy bear lovers out there?