Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Chopping Block - Morri's Place v Pizza Piazza

It always amazes me when the restaurant owners on The Chopping Block are shocked when their failing business is criticised by food critic Alan Saunders.

You wonder why do they think they have few customers?

Morri's Place in the Melbourne suburb of Armadale serves European comfort food is run by a older couple Morri the chef and Michelle his wife. They don't have as many food issues as Pizza Piazza.

The big issue is presentation at Morri's and with main's in the high 20's you do want it to look a bit better then homecooking. The menu is here.

Pizza Piazza a restaurant in Chapel St, Windsor was a mess. What did Fred the owner actually do? He did not cook, nor did he appear to help front of house. The whole of the menu came out of the freezer. Matt Moran thought the taglitelle seafood pasta "tasted like piss."

The big thing they had going for them were gluten free pizza's. This should be a big draw card. But the critic at first thought it was too soggy. However Matt Moran sorted that out, by advising that it be finished on the stone in the oven. This did mean that they could only serve gluten free pizza's.

Sun the chef there did try, and knew how to cook once he got some decent ingredients, but it was not going to be enough to win the $20,000. Morri took it out, and he seemed more pleased with the win rather then the cash.

what does Fred actually do at his restaurant?

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Anonymous said...

For someone who loves writing about reality tv, you should know by now how much of all these shows are so not the truth and all scripted by the networks. As a close friend of the owners of Pizza Piazza I can tell you that Sun was misunderstood and coaxed into saying the things that he did and the menu is not frozen. All the cooks at Pizza Piazza spend a lot of hours each day just preping the food for the day using fresh ingredients like they always have. As far as your comment about 'what does Fred do' well he runs the business. If you know anything about running a restaurant you will know what roles the owner operator has to do. Obviously the one who writes these comments doesn't understand the hospitality industry and only knows how to eat in front of the tele!!!