Monday, June 30, 2008

Farmer Wants A Wife - Series 2 - Episode 1

The much awaited second series has commenced of this genuine (if that is an adjective you can use in reality tv) series about Farmers wanting to meet a wife.

The episode started with a recap of the Chris and Kimberly romance from last year culminating in their marriage. I hoped Channel 9 paid them some cash for this intrusion on their big day plus they were having wear Farmer Wants a Wife t-shirts, and that does deserve some payment.

Even cynical raver was moved by their obvious love for each other. Even more unbelievable considering they met on a reality TV show with cameras following their every move.
But I suspect their success meant the blokes and girls who applied for this year series were both genuine and hopeful that they could obtain a similar outcome for themselves.

Tonight there were 60 women were to meet the six farmers. Ten for each farmer. In a speed dating scenario with 5 minutes alone with each farmer. I did note that just about all of the girls picked were white there was not much diversity. But maybe that was the demographic that applied.

The farmers were introduced to us from Natalie who had pulled out her country outfits from the last outfits. Can her belt buckles get any bigger?

Rob 42 - Cattle Farmer from Mt Gambier- athletic, motivated and very caring. Rob has a biological clock so clearly he won’t pick an over 40 woman. Rob made sure he could not be mistaken for anything other then a farmer from the land as he brought his Akubra hat with him. He was ruggedly good looking - I thought he looked older then 42, but maybe that is the outdoor work for you.

James 36 - Sheep and Wheat farmer - thinks he is a softy. In a woman he wants a good sense of humour, and a bit of a goer(whatever that means), and enjoys life. Seemed to talk to his dog and pretend he could understand what it was saying to try and show what a funny bloke he was. This guy irritated me a lot.

Ben 30 - dairy farmer from Jambaroo. He is a claytons farmer, and thinks he does not fit the stereotypical mould - no ute etc. He thinks he wears his heart on his sleeve. He was not bad looking, but I am still looking for signs of a personality.

Nick 27 - Grape grower/wine maker of Brown Bros so he possibly has a trust fund. So why is this ok looking, rich kid , with quite a nice disposition with no obvious flaws having to go on a TV show to find a girlfriend? Is there some dark hidden side that will slowly evolve over the upcoming episodes.

Howie 30 - cattle farmer - who lives with his mother, who would only move when he meets a wife. First impressions was he a bit dopey? I am also concerned that he wants a girlfriend to be a replacement for his mother to cook and clean etc. He is the one who lives in the most isolated area, so this could be a negative for the girls.

Michael 24 - sheep farmer from Goulburn. Apparently very shy. He came across as very sweet and nice.

Ben had 210 girls apply after looking at his profile, Michael and Rob received more then 100. Nick had 70, Howie 44, and James 24.

It was speed dating time. There was batting eyelids, nervous laughs and stilted conversation.

Some of it was painful to watch with some of the girls just sitting there not speaking. Wouldn’t you come to the meeting with the guy considering you were in a competitive environment with at least some prepared witty repartee. No wonder they are single.

Rob at least was organised and had done his research.

Ben liked Sarah because in her profile she said she was good in bed - chances of her making it to the farm high.

James had a thing about horses in a negative way. Reckons they eat too much compared to lamb. Maybe it is his way of being proactive about climate change.

After the speed dating then it was an hour to chat to the girls in a group then it was decision time which at times looked very uncomfortable.

Rob picked Leanne 43, Andrea, Caroline, Emmaline (thought he could talk to her for hours), Joy.

James picked - Toni F, Cherie who is a nurse was favoured because his mum and sisters are ones - (Oedipus complex?) Kate, Lisa, and Toni W the air hostie who made him some fruit cake or so she said, she could have pinched it from inflight catering.

Michael picked - Alison, (oh and then my recording cut out, as Channel 9 always runs overtime much teeth gnashing and cursing occurred… memo to self manually input show next week) So if anyone can fill in the gaps that would be great. I am particularly interested in knowing whether Nick picked the girl in the tight revealing short black dress.

For more information on the new batch of what seems high quality farmers here is the link to their profile on the Channel 9 website.

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