Sunday, June 15, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Project Runway Host Kristy Hinzes Won't Be Taking Her Boyfriend To The Seniors Week Concert.

Kristy Hinzes billionaire boyfriend Jim Clarke has come out to Australia for a visit while she is fulfilling her Project Runway duties.

Kristy is 27 years old and Jim is 63. Now Kristy states that it is not his bank account that she finds attractive.

"He is charismatic, handsome, funny and down-to-earth," Hinze said recently of her 63-year-old beau.
"What more could anyone want in a partner?"

Somehow I think that if she had a met a teacher with those same characteristics she would not be dating him. But then again if Kristy did not have gorgeous long legs and a beautiful face, he would not be dating her.

Survivor Gabon is having Production Difficulties.
The next season of Survivor is already in production, even though Australian viewer are yet to see the Survivor Fan's V Favourites series. David Gyngell if you are reading this put it on instead of those hideous Bert Newton 20 to 1 shows.

Anyway Jeff Probst is now in Gabon, Africa and there have been problems from encroaching animals and late shipments. Full article on the logistical issues here.

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