Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reality Tidbits

No Bagels in New York for Demelza from Australia's Next Top Model.
Demelza last night was pretty excited to be in the final 3 and on the plane to New York. However her time there may not have been all that great. The model agencies they met told her she needed to lose weight as her body was too pear shaped.

This assessment will probably ensure she is not this series Next Top Model. Article here.

For The Trully Reality TV Obsessed - Here is A List of the Top 10 Reality TV villians.

Omarosa from The Apprentice was number one. Johnathan from the Johnathan and Victoria couple on The Amazing Race was second. Who could ever forget the famous scene where he nearly hit her at the pit stop in Berlin. I must google to try and find out if they are still together.

Third was Johnny Fairplay from Survivor. He has just been on Fans V Favourites Survivor which has already screened in the US, but now talk about when we are going to see it here.

For the full list of villians click Here./ I was surprised Jade from Next Top Model didn't make the list.

American Idol judges V So You Think You Can Dance Judges - How Do They Compare?

The New York Daily News has a light hearted article comparing the judging panels of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. I got the impression the journo thought So You Think You Can Dance panel has a better balance and gives a better critique.


Anonymous said...


This may be old news to you, but have you noticed that Victoria, partner of the evil Johnathon on the amazing race, also pops up now and then on "Girls of the Playboy Mansion"?.

She is apparently an ex-playboy model and while not identified in the show (at least not as a star of Amazing Race) she, and at least on one occassion, Johnathon, are seen on the show when the ex-models get together, go to barbecues, etc.

I find it a shame that the Hef hasn't used his influence (ie some hired goons) to teach Johnathon some manners and how to treat Victoria properly.

But, then, maybe he doesn't watch amazing race.

Love your blog

Reality Raver said...

No I had not realised. I need to tape Playboy mansion now that is on free to air.

I only have basic foxtel package so miss out on a few of the good reality tv shows. Masterchef being one of them. Though it also means I don't have to sit through the Denise Richards new one where she is exploiting her kids..

How can Hef not watch Amazing Race - it is great. I am loving the Goths this season.

Victoria won't be fronting a community service ad for domestic violence anytime soon.

Do you think she is pretty enough to be a playboy model or do you just have to be blond?

Onadrought said...

Give me the Idol judges anyday. Bonnie was an embarrassment on SYTYCD, and the others were just boring. I don not like Kyle, but you need to have friction on a juging panel, eg Dancing With the Stars panel works well.

Anonymous said...

On (I think it was season 2) of the Girls Next Door (aka Girls of the Playboy Mansion) Jonathon and Victoria were identified from the Amazing Race sojourn. In fact, I think he might have been described as a Reality TV "star". I think they were also there for the episode where they had giant slides in the "backyard" at the mansion... I think Victoria is friends with Bridget (aka the "smart" one... go figure) who just happens to be my personal favourite (and if she's under 30 like they try and maintain then I'm 25...)

BTW, did you see "Living Lohan" this week? Holy crap. Apart from the fact that it's truly boring, up popped Hef and the girls with Dina and Ali (in some future episode). When I think my life is sad I think I'm gunna console myself with the fact that life COULD be worse. My entire raison d'etre could consist of spending entire days reading tabloids about how f***ed up my kids are and then caring mre about suing the article authors rather than fixing my kids...


Reality Raver said...

Your knowledge on the playboy mansion is amazing. Alas I missed the Living Lohan show is on E, and I am on basic package..

Dina Lohan has some severe parenting issues. She needs some parenting lessons.