Sunday, June 22, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Project Runway Judge Jayson Brundson Has Testicular Cancer.

Rumours have been put to rest after the non-appearance of fashion Designer, and Project Runway judge Jayson Brundson from the social circuit last week. It has now been revealed that he has is suffering testicular cancer. He was diagnosed two weeks ago, but concluded filming his Project Runway commitments. He is now recuperating from his operation.

Article from the Sunday papers here.

Australia So You Think You Can Dance Now In Rehearsals For Top 10 Tour.
The top 10 from Australia's So You Think You Can Dance have now commenced rehearsals for the Australia wide tour. This commences next month on 5 July 2008. Daily Tele link here.

Simon Cowell Dating A 22 year old - That Is So Wrong.

An article in the UK Daily Telegraph here reveals that Simon Cowell has split from his long term girlfriend Teri Seymour, and apparently bought her a multi million dollar house as a payoff. But now is apparently seeing the 22 year old Jasmine Lennard. Isn't he close to fifty??? What do these men want in woman? He would be as old as her father. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

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Onadrought said...

Well, if you read my blog, you will now see that I am on RSVP and that a lot of the men do want much younger women. Maybe the men think if they get someone inexperienced, they won't know how hopeless he is in bed.

Yes, it is disgusting.