Monday, June 23, 2008

Project Runway - Episode 11 - Season 4

By the end of this episode Rami and Chris were going to feel either elated or disappointed as they find out which one of them will get to show at New York Fashion Week.

The challenge was to create 12 looks for fashion week. The Budget was $8000 and five months to put it together. And it was not compulsory to shop at Mood fabrics.

After 3 and half months Tim Gunn went around to look at the contestants designs and give his advice.

First stop was Christian Siriano studio is a typical tiny New York apartment - the bed has to be put away each day.

Some of his outfits bemused Tim and he said "It's a lot of look."

Jillian Lewis was next she had left her job at Ralph Lauren to concentrate getting her show together. Tim said the palette was a bit colourless, but the designs had her usual intricacies. Her style is phenomenal and wearable. She said she had been inspired by her trip to Met and the military style she saw there, she also said she had been looking at armour.

She is incredibly focused and confident of her designing ability.

Tim then went to meet her family in Long Island.

Then it is was Rami's turn to see Tim Gunn in LA. His collection was based on Joan of Arc. "I want you to pull it back a bit." said Tim.

Then it was back to New York to visit Chris March. He was using human hair on one of his jacket "I think my gag reflex is kicking in."

I loved the monkey house analogy from Tim Gunn. The punch line being Chris had been in the
monkey house far too long.

Chris took Tim to his friends house - it is a "roccoco nightmare", and it was Martha Stewart would have had a heart attack if she had seen all that wood and mirrors in one room. Tim accurately described it as Versailles.

Rami and Chris were have a clothing face off, they had to show their three strongest looks.

Christian was a bit perturbed about having to brush Chris's clothes. It was all abit ghoulish.

The judges were Michael Kors, and Nina Garcia.

Michael said "It is a little creepy to wear human hair, but you thought outside of the box."

and "the girls look over designed." Heidi said "Very creative." Heidi did look a bit like Oliva Newton John tonight. At least she wasn't wearing a head band.

Michael also added "Still costumes".

Rami's clothes got mixed reviews, they loved one of his dresses but the other two outfits attracted some criticism.

However it was unsurprising that Rami was the one selected for New York fashion week. So disappointed for Chris. Next week the finale at Bryant Park with special guest Victoria Beckham.

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