Saturday, June 14, 2008

Reality Tidbits

For Rami fans of Project Runway - he designed a dress out of money for Heidi Klum.

Blogging Project Runway has a great photo of Heidi Klum, Project Runway host, dressed in a dress by Rami Kashou. It looks amazing even without his signature draping.

Kyle Sandilands Doesn't Give A Rats That People Prefer Mike Goldman As Host of Big Brother Then Him - More concerned about having to cut down on Coca-Cola.
Kyle Sandiland was off sick for two weeks while he battled pneumonia, whist Big Brother battled falling ratings said he was unconcerned that Mike Goldman was better received as host then Kyle and Jackie have been.

Kyle's constant sarcasm and rudeness is not captivating the viewing audiences.

The 37 year old has been told he needs to 10kgs, and cut down his caffiene consumption - all of which he does not think he will do at this point of time.

Full story here here.

Big Brother Now Seen As A Career Move.
Whatever happened to just appearing on Big Brother and once your time was over you just went back to your normal life. Now most contestants seem to think that once they have appeared on TV that their further fame must continue. Now most of the girls just do a mens magazine thread. However last weeks evictee Renaee said she would like to host an extreme sports show.

I liked Renaee (what I have seen in the three BB episodes I have watched.) But seriously does she really think she has the personality, charisma or intelligence to host a tv show! Sadly I think she will back to Dubbo sooner then she thinks. If she wants a career change maybe she should go to Uni. Article here.

I think it is doubtful if there is another Big Brother next year that he and Jackie will be hosting.

Clearly Jackie's and Kyles publicity machine has been everywhere this week, every paper I have opened there has been an interviews of one or the other. Personally I think Kyle has become far too over exposed. One of Kyle's interviews from the Sunday papers if interested is here.

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