Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Project Runway - Episode 9 - Season 4

Tonight’s episode was always going to be wild with the unconventional nature of the challenge, but hey that is what makes Project Runway such fun.

Four boys, and two girls left. As Jillian said “I hope a girl gets to make it to fashion week.”

Christian was still bitching about Ricky winning - “There were ruffles not even seams.” Have to agree Ricky is lightweight and I am surprised he made it this far.

It was field trip time, of course this made for much speculation.

Chris with an evil glint in his eye said “Maybe they would go as far as drag queens”. Oh so close especially as there were all fake boobs in the challenge.

They didn’t go far for the field trip just down a lift, where they stood outside the door and heard some loud moaning.

Christian thought they were sex moans - what type of sex does he have? At this point I felt my age.

The doors opened to reveal female wrestlers in a wrestling ring. Tim Gunn barely retained his dignity getting into the ring.

The Challenge was to create an outfit for the diva’s to wear in the ring.

They even went to a different material shop from Mood House - Spandex House.
This challenge they had 5 hours on day one and all day on day two.

Even though the challenge was difficult, and outside most of the designer’s comfort zone, but everyone was having a laugh. Chris March was in his element.

Sweet P, however was not, her client thought the white fabric was not wild enough. So she started adding feathers, rhinestones to make it as tacky as possible.

At this point the designer’s started to discuss what their wrestlers name would be. Sweet P’s was going to be spread eagle. However this was going to be the only thing to make her smile that day as Tim Gunn told her again to fix the outfit.

She was worried this challenge was going to leave her on the canvas.

Judges were Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Richie Rich and Trevor Rains from Heatherette.

Ricky’s looked like a tacky swimsuit, with a poorly made gold lame dress over the top.

Rami whose outfit looked good on the dummy looked bad on the peroxide blond. There was just to much hot pink. The designers should have also had to write an essay on the differences between a wrestler and strippers outfit.

Jillian’s sporty blue sexy number got the thumbs up from the judges. Michael Kors said “Played off something classic but gave it some sizzle.”

Rami was going for the girl next door look. Michael Kor said “I don’t get any Americana out of this”

Christian’s leather and lace outfit got glowing reviews. It was pretty good - for a 21 year old this kid has a lot of talent.

Sweet P’s outfit was told it looked a bit unfinished. Michael Kors said “You got to go for the drama.”

Chris in a matching leopard outfit rocked. Michael Kor in an awed tone said “It looks expensive.”
Quite an accomplishment for a wrestling outfit.

Ricky got a pasting, Nina Garcia “I like it as a bathing suit. The gold dress is not helping the cause.” Ricky gets tears welling up in his eyes.

Chris won the challenge. “I won the tackiest challenge, which I found very funny.” Christian looked pissed he did not win it.

Bottom two were Ricky and Sweet P.

Ricky was eliminated. Yeah about time he should have gone weeks ago most of his designs were uninspiring, and his personality was bland a big negative in reality tv land.

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