Friday, June 27, 2008

Reality Tidbits

So You Think You Can Dance - The winner Jack Chamber's Gave $10,000 each to the other Final Four.

Yes we thought Jack Chambers was a nice guy, but really this just confirms it. Out of his $200,000 winnings he gave $10,000 each to Kate Wormald, Rhys Borbridge, and Demi. They were the other three people in the final four.

Kate revealed this act of genorousity when she was being interviewed as a promo for the upcoming So You Think You Can Dance Tour with will at the beginning of July. The full article is here.

Australia's Next Top Model - Demelza says Alex to old to win.

Now Demelza has decided to tell us what she really thinks, and said Alex Girdwood at 21 was too old Australia's Next Top Model next week.

Below is Demelza's quotes from an article in The Australian:

"I guess I'd be a little more concerned if I was her," Reveley said."I mean, she's 21 now, so she's kind of running out of time to do this and to make it in this industry.

"There is a short shelf-life being a model and that's just the way it is.

"I'd feel worried if I was in her shoes."

I wonder what she would have thought of Jade in the US series who was 26 years of age when she was on the show.

For the full article from The Australian including a few back handed compliments from Alex to Demelza click here.

Big Brother How Desperate Can You Get.

Obviously the Big Brother producers are prepared to try anything this season for ratings. Already we have had midgets, a grandparent, and so many intruders I cannot keep up with them. Also there have been outside visitors to the house eg Carson Kressley, and a hypnotist.

However now it has been revealed that Pamela Anderson, yes she of Baywatch and notorious sex tape fame will spend two days in the house. Apparently she is filming her own reality tv show which may also film whilst she is in the house. So now we have a reality TV show filming a reality tv show. This stunt is just sheer desperation to prop up ratings.

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