Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Australia's Next Top Model - Top Six

After the surprise double elimination episode last week, it was off to Fiji for the lucky last six models. Are there any nice girls left in the competition? They all keep bitching about each other or crying. To be frank none of them have a fabulous personality.

Imagine if Jade from America’s Next Top Model was thrown in there she would make mincemeat out of them and completely psyche them out. Caris would have left with a nervous breakdown by now.

Demelza who bitches about everyone was now bitching about Alyce (her friend) and said she thought she should have been the one to go home. Once the girls have watched all the episodes is anyone going to talk to her at the live finale. And Alyce was pissed with Alex for making the cup cakes - it was not like she was a goose being force fed down a tube to make foie gras.

On the flight over to Fiji they had to do a catwalk show for the passengers. It was hilarious seeing the blokes perving on the models.

“Fiji is so beautiful” as they went passed ramshackle houses.

However the villa at the resort looked great - especially the two bottles of verve
lying in ice.

Johnathan Pease emerged from the beach with his scrawny legs in shorts, he seriously has a
charisma by pass. First photo shoot - brief was to be relaxed and real, and subtle. Citi clothes worn. Alex was first and she was given the relax your mouth talk. Trout pout again reemerged as an issue this week. Was her immovable mouth going to hinder her modelling career. Having a non moving face has not hindered Nicole Kidman’s acting career.

Alyce was next and over posed. As the photographer Christopher said “Always sticking your tits out.” He also said “I think she is ugly but she did a good job.” This guy needs to be on the show more, he just came up with some great one liners which made “style director” Johnathan Pease look even blander then he actually is.

Demelza has become super competitive and said she wants to win the comp, but she had issues with the blustering wind and had to hold her skirt down as they did not want any Henson controversy on Top Model.

Photographer Christopher continued his one liners.

On Sam he said “To vampy I am feeling a bit raped.”

Caris was crying again.. Is she going to blow it like Leiden? She got told off because she only spent 15 mins on the running machine. Johnathan gave her a hard slap (metaphorically speaking) and told her your old enough not to cry over these things. She ended up doing a good shoot. Will Caris be the eventual winner?

Caris won the shoot and the prize was a camcorder and a day in the spa, and she picked Alex to accompany her.

For the losers they were going to have to clean the resort. Is this show turning into The Simple Life? I really did not see the point of this it is a modelling show.

It was swimsuit shoot time. Russell James is the photographer him with the glittering CV and Fabio hair style. He managed to name drop that he had photographed Halle Berry.

No surprise when Jodhi turned up with the Tigerlilly bikinis. She told us that Tigerlily is for the
beach not the pool. Personally I couldn’t quite get the difference, but I don’t have a thesis in swimwear.

Rebecca was choking. Sam looked amazing. Caris again did a good shoot. Demelza also got the thumbs up. The more they tell Alyce not to pose the more she does. “She was struggling with the basics.” said Pease.

They were flown back to Sydney for the elimination.
Sam’s photographs were great - a dark horse maybe to take the title.

Rebecca did not fare well.

Demelza was found there was connectivity with the camera. They gushed over her.

Alyce was told the level of ordinariness of her shots. The asked her if she has given up. Tears came.

Caris photo was told her shot was a Tigerlily. Alex Perry she will be a movie star.

Alex got mixed reviews with negative comments for the first shot, and positive for the swimsuit shot.

Bottom two were Alyce and Rebecca the two friends clutching and crying to be frank I couldn’t give a damn who got the chop. Rebecca was eliminated.

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