Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Australia's Next Top Model Finale - Jodhi Went AWOL

The biggest mystery surrounding the finale of Australia's Next Top Model was not who won, but where was Jodhi.

In last year's finale Jodhi did not do a great job as she was struck down by nerves. By her no show did this mean this mean she decided she was not doing a live finale or did she have a last minute meltdown?

Or did she realise how boring the finale was going to be and decided she was not going to put herself through it.

Anyway I wonder how much notice Charlotte Dawson had of new hosting role , and squished into her Alex Perry dress, where half of one of fake boobs was shoved up under her armpit.

And what was the crap about the audience voting for the winner, as well as the judges decision. Which had the greater weighting?

After watching the girls do some shows a fashion show, we then had all the finalists in a fashion parade. Then Charlotte interviewed some of the girls - I noted no questions about Tibet tonight. But what we did find out was that Leiden, Belinda and Caris wanted to continue to be models.

Sam was voted Australia's favourite model.

We got a preview of 3 of the designers from Australia's Project Runway. And there looked like an asian Christian Siriano in there. This may be a positive thing for the Australian series.

After the judges vote it was a dead heat of three votes all (was this a set up) so this meant the viewer vote would be the deciding factor. They then flicked to Paris for Alice Burdeau to announce the winner. She quickly said Demelza had won. So Alamela must of been thrilled, but she probably learnt an important life lesson that sometimes people never get their come uppance.

Late mail - I just found this article which outlines Jodhi never intended to be at the final. Link is here

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