Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Amazing Race - Season 3 - The Camel Who Broke The Contestant's Back

Lorena and Jason were first to depart at 4.19am from the pitstop in Amsterdam.

Teams have to fly to Ouagadougou (sic) in Burkina Faso in Africa, always a highlight when they hit this continent as it freaks out half of the contestants.

The first flight was leaving at 7.20am but it was full, however Nathan and Jennifer team were smart enough to get on the waiting list which paid off. The other flight went at 8.00am.

The 8.00am flight then got delayed out of Amsterdam ( mechanical issues) which meant it was dodgy whether they would make the connection out of Paris. Nathan and Jennifer could get a huge lead, as there was only one flight a day to Burkina Faso.

Nathan and Jennifer smirks were wiped off their faces when they realised that everyone did just make the connecting flight. Actually to be honest you could understand their disappointment.

Then the African fun began. One of the blondes was sure she was going to get robbed by the taxi driver. Their coping mechanisms just continued to wilt as the episode went on.

Take a train to Bingo which was in the middle of nowhere (I suspect an Amazing Race made up name) for the field they need to jump off at.

Roadblock time - must milk camel and drink it.

Grandpa finally was in his forte. Lorena freaked out with fear of the camel. Jennifer was in full scrag mode as she screamed at Nathan but she did make me laugh when she said “You have to be gentle you are handling nipples.”

TK & Rachel were first to complete. They then had to take four camels and walk it to the next clue box. And grandpa was in second place.

Everyone was following the other, and then they realised they were going the wrong way. Rule number one in the Amazing race, do not be a lemming and follow the crowd.

Back to the camels and Lorena was having a nervous breakdown. The blondes and one of the Hispanic sister were having a hard time getting milk out of the camel, and had to swap camels.

Next it was detour time
Teach It - choose a child who does not speak English, and teach them ten words of common items.

Learn It - must learn the mori words for ten items.

Azaria and Hendekea were very smart and memorised 5 cards each and raced through the challenge and finished it first. Then it was pit stop time and they got their first.

Oh wait back to the camels. It started storming which did not improve Lorena’s disposition. Marianna and Julia finished, And Lorena physical, spiritual and emotional breakdown was complete.

The next five teams arrived at the pitstop at virtually the same time.

It was down to the Hispanic sisters, and Jason and Lorena learning the words. Jason and Lorena ended up beating Marianna and her sister to the pit stop and they were eliminated. To be honest they should have been. When you are running second last you don't give the person running last a tip on how to finish the detour quicker.

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