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The Amazing Race - Season 11- Episode 2

Amazing Race Season 11 - Episode 2
Season 11 of the Amazing Race where last week Ari and Staeller were eliminated as they were last to arrive at the pitstop. They blamed an immovable donkey, but personally I blame them. First law of physics if you cannot pull something push it. Why do they think they are called asses??

First to leave the pitstop in Galway Ireland were Azaria and Hendekea a black brother and sister team, who if they can keep it together may make top three, as they have a good balance of brains and physical dexterity. However sometimes their judgement was lacking.

They were to fly to Amsterdam, take a train to Amsterdam Central Station and find a bridge for their next clue.

As they were leaving at midnight it was inevitable all the contestants would catch up.

However the early flight to Amsterdam once people transited through Dublin only had 12 seats on it.

The Asian father daughter team Richard and Christina, and Kate and Pat the lesbian clergy, may have stuffed up by stopping at a hotel to find out the flight schedule, meaning other people were able to get ahead of them in the ticket queue.

Marianna and Julia (Hispanic sisters) however did not even make it out on the flight from Galway. Though they did manage to catch up with the back pack in Dublin.

At the Dublin standby counter the ugly American came out of Nicolas (of the grandson, grandfather team) and he was rude. Not a great look when you are trying to the first one wait listed.

Ronald asian father went off at him about his manner, at first I thought that was ok that he was affronted by his behaviour, but later I realised Ronald just does not shut up and could use a lesson in how to talk appropriately to his daughter Christina.

Azaria and Hendekea took a punt and did not buy a ticket for the train from the airport so got on the first train to find the clue.

And it was detour time.
The choice was to:
Hoist it - pulley system to move furniture into an apartment.
Hunt it - must look through bikes to get the correct two bikes and then ride it five miles.

Funny that in Amsterdam that the detour did not involve rolling joints, or spotting different lingerie styles in the red light district.

Most people decided to hoist it.

Lorena & Jason (dating couple) were first to finish. They then had to get a bus to the village of Ronsdoop and locate a field for their next clue.

Jennifer & Nathan (dating couple) started yelling at each other ‘You’re a guy your meant to know how to do these things”

They then switched places and Jennifer managed to get the furniture up to the apartment.
I hope this pair stay in as it will be interesting their relationship implode over the course of the race.

The LA blondes with all their cosmetic enhancements surprisingly did a great job with it and after the detour were in third place.

The Goths Kynt and Vyxsin who finished the detour second - managed to stuff it up by getting lost finding the bus and missed the first bus that the other competitors were on. This pair is a surprise package with a good balance of skills as well as a good way to communicate.

TK and Rachel (newly dating hippie couple) were useless at the hoist it. She kept on saying it
sucked and finally she swapped with him.

However they were still ahead of the second plane load.

The hoist it challenge even with some stuff ups appeared to be quicker the hunt it challenge. As finding the appropriate bikes were time consuming.

Anyway at the field in the village of Ronsdoorp it was Roadblock time.

The Road block was ditch vaulting this was going to be muddy and messy. Just what the viewers love. Though it would have been better if they had been made to wear clogs whilst doing this.

Jason did it from his team and he got across first go. They then cycled to the pit stop to finish number won. There prize was some three wheeler bike very appropriate for a Netherlands pit stop win.

Jennifer went in waist high and took a few attempts. Fabulous Once she finally did it she was in the bicycle coming back she spat of the side and then bitched about the blondes. She is really is quite vile. Though maybe she is just being edited that way.

Again the blonds managed to do it though managed to go neck deep on the way back from collecting the clue. Are they going to be a older version of Dustin and Candice?

Meanwhile back in Amsterdam Marianna and Julia, and the lesbians both went for hunt it. The people on the last plane were all desperate to avoid elimination.

Ronald the asian father at this point did not know when to shut up and spoke in quite a derogative way to her. This ended in tears, hers not his. If this is the way he spoke to her growing up then no wonder she has issues with her father.

Kynt the goth was not happy with the roadblock “I am more a prissy guy”, as he continually got doused in the mud.

Nicolas and the grandfather decided to look and watch to see what the others were doing before deciding on who would do the Roadblock. The grandfather decided he would do it. Nicolas said “this could be a costly decision.” It did ugly, especially once he took his clothes off.

Asian daddy did not shut up at the roadblock at his daughter - nothing is more irritating then that. At the pitstop he did say “I am a bit crass how I treat my daughter.”

The Lesbian priests who were lovely were last to arrive at the Roadblock and therefore were eliminated. I did note that the ditch judges let them through on a jump that Christina had continually been doing and being told she had to go back and do it again. However I suppose by this stage the camera crew just wanted to pack up and go home.

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