Sunday, June 22, 2008

Politics Mixed With Reality TV - Does It Get Any Better?

A new reality TV hit for Channel 7 is Battle of the Choirs, and again 80's rock stars (Iva Davies in this show) should be grateful to this genre as it has given them a new career avenue.

However the real star of the judging panel is George Torbay who works for the Department of Education as their Chief Conductor for Choral Music. He was the only one giving constructive comments as well as showing signs of a personality.

He is the brother of the Speaker of the NSW Parliament Richard Torbay.

I only watched 10 minutes of the show but was Kochie bored or tired?

Tim Gunn has also waded into the US Presidential election by suggesting some fashion changes for the Republican candidate John McCain. He said he needs more colour and better fitting suits.

For the full assessment from the stylish Tim Gunn click here.

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