Friday, June 27, 2008

Farmer Wants a Wife - Last Season Update.

All fans of Season 1 Farmer Wants a Wife are keen to know what happened with the burgeoning romances that we saw on our TV screens last year.

We all know there was one 'perfect' match with Chris and Kim who are now married. Footage of their marriage will be shown as part of the first episode of the second season to start this Monday.

Apparently Chris and Kim are now living on the North Coast where Chris is managing a property. The host of the show Natalie Gruzlewski told TV Week "It hasn't been all smooth-sailing for them, but it was amazing to watch the chemistry when they first met, and see it unfold. It's the ultimate happily-ever-after story. They're perfect together.

Craig was another farmer who looked like he may have found love through the show with the Canadian single mum Erin. In the final episode last year Erin was in Canada on a three month trip. TV Week reveals that when they tried to pick up where they left off, it didn't work out.

"Erin came back to Newcastle, but we didn't further things, "Craig revealed. "I'm still single - I must be too fussy! Being on the show helped me get out more, but I'm still a bit hopeless at chatting up girls!"

Delightful Drew's relationship with Susie did not last either. However he is now seeing someone new, however, he didn't want to say much about her. "It's pretty casual," he says. "I'm going overseas for two months, so we'll see what happens. It's very low-key."

Jon did not find a connection with any of the girls on the show, bu he is now in a relationship with a local girl and it is going well. "She had nothing to do with the show. I'd known her a while, but she came back from overseas and we hooked up. She's nice."

Gus who was disappointed when told by Brooke that she did not want to pursue anything with him is now seeing a girl, they have been seeing each other since Christmas.

And lastly Brad the spiritual guy who just before filming began last year met a girl Samara who he met on RSVP. They are still together. Apparently it was the producers decision last year to allow him to continue on the show after he told them he had met with them.

Personally I don't think it was fair to the women who thought he was single.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Pretty hard to find out what happened. It's a shame Suzi and Drew didn't work out, they seemed good together. Anyway, now I found your site I'll be a frequent reader :)Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the update, so far the only place ive managed to find anything worth reading. pretty bad odds though. Just goes to show, most relationships that start off that way don't work out.