Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Demelza has lost 10 cms from her hips for Next Top Model Final.

Demelza one of the final two contestants left in Australia's Next Top Model has lost 10 cms from her hips after she was told in New York by agents she was to fat.

Last nights episode which was filmed in New York had the girls meeting agents where they were assessed on whether they had the look to make it in New York.

Surprisingly Alex came out with the thumbs up with two of the agents quite positive about her being able to make in fashion. Demelza was told she was out of proportion but she also she was stunningly beautiful. Personally I don't see it, yes she is very pretty, but in a Helena Christenson category I don't think so.

Sam because of her height and bad photo shoot was eliminated. Which was a pity as I thought she was stunning in the Marlen Breton fashion retrospective. An area where Alex failed spectacularly. Her walk was robotic (that is being kind) and Alice Burdeau last years winner could barely keep the smirk off her face.

Now we have a finale between the two least nice contestants in the competition Alex and Demelza.

Anyway back to the fat issue which today's Daily Telegraph states the criticism of Demelza is sending out the wrong messages to women. I found this quite ironic considering the Tele is not know for putting pictures of over sized women in the paper (except when there is an article on obesity).

Personally I think this girl wants to be a model, and the reality is she needed to lose weight to achieve that goal. She has managed to do this by working out daily with a personal trainer five days a week. How wealthy is her family to be able to afford that?

Full story in the Daily Tele here.

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