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Farmer Wants A Wife Starts Monday - Now Lets Check Out The New Crop of Farmers

The second series Farmer Wants a Wife starts on Channel 9 Monday 30 June 2008 at 8.30am. This is one reality TV series we do better then the Americans.

The success of the show here was based on real farmers, and normal women who genuinely wanted to meet a life partner. This meant we saw some genuinely likeable, real people on our screens we could really connect with. And this translated to a rating bonanza for Nine. Thank you to the person who advised me to watch the show, much appreciated.

The US version apparently had the pre requisite number of blondes with the fake enhancements, and buffed farmers riding around on machinery with no shirts on. Some of these contestants would be hoping for a career in the media after the completion of the series rather then wanting to meet the love of their life.

Anyway here is a sneak peek about the farmers from this weeks TV Week.

Rob 42 - he is into cattle, sheep, and cropping from Mount Gambier, SA.
This guy is apparently Temptation (Come on channel 9 bring back this show, I understand episodes have been taped.....) host Ed Phillips best mate, and he suggested he go on it. Rob said it was "time to grow up".

While he says he's had "some really awesome girlfriends and a lot of fun", he also admits "no one's stuck".

The sports-mad farmer is on the lookout for a wife who likes travel and is "athletic, adventurous and keen to have kids".

Despite spending a lot of time in Melbourne, Rob's farm is his passion.

"My wife wouldn't have to live and work there," he says, "but I hope she'd support me in living out my dreams for the farm. It's a vehicle for me to live my lifestyle, but I want to broaden my horizons and lead a more balanced life."

Ben 30 - Dairy cattle at Kiama NSW.

Ben wants to stress that he's "not your typical farmer" as he doesn't like country music or drive a ute, and makes frequent trips to the city.

Previously in the wine industry, he only moved back to the family farm a year ago and still hasn't taken to the 4am starts - particularly the effect they can have on his social life.

When it comes to women, he admits he can be superficial and wants someone he's physically attracted to. "You don't want to wake up next to a dragon", he jokes.

Ben is also looking for a "mate" he can have a laugh with, who's independent and has her own interests, friends and career.

James 36 - Sheep and wheat farmer from Deniliquin NSW.
A brush with death three years ago has changed Jame's outlook on life. "I used to be a player," he says, "but now health is wealth and I can't do what I used do."

After breaking his neck and fracturing his skull in a car accident (hopefully not at the annual Deni ute muster), James was placed in an induced coma and was given up for dead three times. he still suffers from headaches and has had to lighten his workload on the family farm he's run ever since his father developed a brain tumour. Still, he remains philosophical about his run of bad luck.

"Things can always be worse and you don't have to look too far." Now he is searching for a woman with a similar outlook. "She's got to have a good sense of humour, " he says. "You've got to be able to laugh or you'd do a lot of crying the way the job is at the moment."

Howie 30 - Sheep and Cattle farmer from Weabonga, NSW.
The bad new about Howie is that he lives on a remote property with his mum The good new is that she is keen to move away and lead her own on. (And she needs him to be with someone to do that???).

"She's only holding out until I settle," he says. " She doesn't want to hang around being a mother-in-law and looking over someone's shoulder." Back when his mum fell in love with his dad and moved to the farm, there was no running water or electricity. Times have changed and Howie now enjoys "a higher standard of living."

However he believes the right person for him will need a pioneering spirit. "She's got to be in it for more than just love, He says. "I've been in love before and it's just not enough. It's a big part of it, but she's got to love the whole package."

Nick 27 - wine maker from Wahgunyah, Vic (this guy is going to be to popular)
A member of the famous Brown Bros family, Nick is friends with farmer Jon from last year's show.

"Jon said it was a great experience," he says " He met some great people in front of -and behind -the camera." After moving around for a few years to attend uni and work as a viticulturist, Nick now lives on the family farm he inherited from his father.

"I'm settled in my own house, but there's one piece of the puzzle I haven't found yet," says Nick, who believes the show will provide "a great opportunity to meet the future Mrs Brown." His ideal woman - "She's relaxed,, fun and smiley, and can get dolled up -but also pull on jeans and get her hands dirty."

Michael 24 - Sheep and cattle farmer from Goulburn, NSW.

This fifth-generation farmer is only young but believes he's getting towards that time in life when he would like to 'start a relationship and go from there."

He admits it can be hard to meet girls and sustain relationships because of the demands of farming. "Some girls don't like it if you meet them one weekend, then the next weekend something goes pear shaped on the farm and you have to stay there, " "It is hard to be stood up for a cow."

Michael's looking for someone who loves the country lifestyle because, unlike some of the other farmers, he's not one for city life.

Link to official Nine website here.

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