Sunday, June 15, 2008

Australia's Next Top Model - Media Conference

In this weeks upcoming episode it is time for the last four girls to face the media.

Shelley Horton from the Sun-Herald who was there participating at the press conference reports that some of the girls handled it better then the others.

She said that:

Alexandra Girdwood is as much of a know-it-all as she comes across on screen. She was even caught in a lie claiming that Foxtel asked her to have her lips enhanced when in fact the judges are constantly saying how much they hate the surgical trout pout.

Samantha Downie shone. She was playful, cheeky and engaging. She hoped her likeability will mean she goes through to the end.

Caris Eves is completely forgettable. She said she was not the brightest crayon in the box.

Demelza Reveley owned up to the bullying stunts she pulled on Alamela. She revealed she had been bullied at school and showed remorse. Shelly said she had either learnt her lesson or found away to manipulate the media.

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