Monday, June 16, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Australia's Next Top Model "Style Director" Johnathan Pease Dating Model.
Johnathan Pease is a walking cliche as he is now dating model April Pengilly. At least he is not dating any of the girls from the show. Apparently they have been dating for about a month.

Personally I find him particularly unattractive but then again he is on TV and some girls like that. Link to article here with a particularly ordinary photo of Pease.

Gretel Killeen Like Most Off Us - Cannot Watch Big Brother.
Former Big Brother host Gretel Killeen says she has no regrets about leaving Big Brother. Gretel sums it up nicely when she talks about the low rating show saying "I think it is much better not to have seen it." I couldn't have said it better myself!

Full story here.

Apparently Kyle Sandilands had been taking note of the positive publicity Mike Goldman was obtaining when he was stand in host, and he showed a much warmer side to himself on last nights eviction show.

Rumours have also been flying about the show (probably started by the Producers) that Tara Reid, and/or Adam Sandler would be on the show - I will be surprised if either appear.

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