Monday, June 9, 2008

Project Runway - Episode 10 - Season 4

Final Five the pressure was on as the much wanted prize to show at Bryant Park was oh so close. However tonight two contestants were to be eliminated.

Tonight’s challenge was to involve a last field trip and it ended up at the iconic Metropolitan Museum, and lucky them they got to go without any other people there. That itself would be amazing not tripping over other tourists and being blinded by their flashing cameras.

The challenge was to choose a work of art which will serve as an inspiration for their outfit they design. However the were limited to three wings the Greek and Roman, European wing, and the Temple of Dendur.

Rami was predictably excited with the Roman and Greece wing - fit in with his draping style. Thought he was risking being a bit samey.

The challenge details were - Budget $300, 1 hour to sketch, 30 mins at Mood.

Christian was inspired by Spanish aristocrat from the European wing. Sweet P was inspired by a Peacock and , Rami inspired by Aphrodite.

Jillian was inspired by Scene from the Story of the Argonauts, and Chris’s was a Portrait of a 18th century aristocrat.

Christian was getting on peoples nerves as he rubs in his fast sewing in other contestant’s face. After all these episodes I am unsure if I like Christian, however for a 21 year old I admire is talent and confidence.

Jillian particularly bites at Christian’s snide remarks as she is soooo slow. It is amazing she has finished every challenge.

Sweet P was not helped that her model was a no show at the fitting apparently because of a family emergency. She ended up turning up 2 hours before the end of the second day.

Chris was so relaxed he went for a nap, as he thought he was finished. Tim Gunn was not so sure and went and woke him up and told him he cannot be finished. “Is it wow enough?” Tim also told him he was worried about it. However Chris remain relaxed.

The final runway show had arrived and Heidi had even had a makeover for the occasion a haircut which was shaggy and cut with a fringe.

Judges were Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and guest judge was Roberto Cavalli.

Christian - “I tried to create as many pieces in it.” Rob C “Loved it” as did all the judges.

Chris - Robert C said “Most artistic of you” He had not seen the previous design that it had been so similar to. However the same could not be said for Michael Kors. Who said “ A little reminiscent of a previous design”. Nina Garcia also was critical of the shoulder saying it was very similar.

Jillian was praised and they thought it was great. And it was fabulous the black tailored jacket lined with gold with a sassy little gold dress underneath.

Sweet P was always going to be in trouble with Michael Kors liking it but not overwhelmed.

Robert Cavello said “Should have done something more”.

Rami was told by Robert Cavello that it was “Too normal”, Michael K “Expected more from you. Predictable”. Nina Garcia said “I want to see you out of this box.” she meant the draping box.

Christian was the winner of the challenge, with Jillian also taking a spot at Bryant Park.

Sweet P was eliminated.

The judges then told Chris and Rami they were both in as the judges had been deadlocked. However there was a catch. Only one was going to make it to fashion week. They will have to show their three strongest looks from their collection and then the judges will decide which of the two will showcase at Bryant Park.


Laura said...

Blog about the Amazing Race. Please! And make it funneh. X]

Or give me the link for another Amazing Race blog. =]

Reality Raver said...

No problems Laura, I will blog on Amazing race. I love it. I did watch it Thurs night and thought about blogging. But will definately blog next week. I must confess I was pretty happy with that revolting pair that came in last.

Laura said...

What was the revolting pair that came in last?

Reality Raver said...

It was a young girl and boyfriend (just friends). The guys name was Ari. Both competitive and bitchy and pinched someones taxi. So Karma came around and bit them on the arse.

Laura said...

I liked Ari and Staella. But the bloody donkey wouldn't move! Dammit.

Reality Raver said...

The problem wasn't the donkey it was them. They needed to push it's ass (pun intended.)

Way to cocky that pair. they probably would have made interesting viewing.

I was surprised how sporty goth man was..