Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Australia's Next Top Model - Final 4

This show is really turning into bland versus blander. Are any of these girls interesting?

Tonight's challenge where the girls had to meet the media was pretty boring. The only highlight was Ian Thorpe, and Charlotte Dawson throwing questions to the girls in a fake red carpet situation on foreign affairs issues.

Really when was the last time Kate Moss was thrown a question on the situation in Tibet? The situation was as fake as Charlotte's breast and newly enhanced lips.

The winner of the media challenge was won by Samantha who took Demelza along to her prize which was to attend a puma function.

For Alex the trout pout saga continued when she lied to the media about the judges on the show telling her to get the collagen lips. How do Uni students get the money for cosmetic enhancements? I could barely pay my rent when I was at college, let alone designer clothes like these girls have.

After a difficult photo shoot where style director Johnathan Pease not saying a word, so different from Jay Manuel, it was elimination time.

Demelza who has fluffed the past few shoots managed to scrape through to the final three, whilst Caris who has taken some amazing shots was eliminated, apparently due to her height.

Bring back Tyra I say this Australian series is just way too boring.


Kristi said...

Did you catch the advert for America's NTM during the show? The first episode looks more interesting then the whole Australian series! Ha! But I am still addicted and love them both.

Reality Raver said...

Yes I saw the ad and immediately became nostalgic for Tyra.