Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Reality TV Judges Give There Opinions On What Is A Winning Reality TV Formula

An interesting article in The Guide, which states that the judges are the real stars of reality TV shows not the contestants. There is validity in this opinion.

The article has the judges from the major Australian reality TV shows discussing what they think the winning formula for a show is. Considering some judges currently have their heads on the chopping block think Dicko and Marcia if the ratings do not improve for Australian Idol this year getting the formula right is crucial.

Paul Mercurio from Dancing With The Stars is one judge who will be reflective when he reads this article, as he has been dumped from the show. Not that it will be any loss he and Mark basically blended into each other. However lets hope they don't replace him as three judges is enough the show drags on far too long.

Article from The Guide here.

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